MuscleFiction.com specializes in publishing stories tinged or immersed with gay muscle growth and muscle worship stories often with aspects of domination. We also publish adventure novels with gay muscle themes.

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The Start of Something Good. The third in the series of muscle fiction books, collects 4 more of Falseyedee's short stories. Together the stories tell the twisted tale of one man's efforts to build a stable of muscle and sex obsessed muscle men for his private pleasure. This book is bursting with tales about forced growth and characters getting dumber as they get bigger.

This short and entertaining collection features:

  • the title story, "The Start of Something Good," about a man who is transformed from mild mannered milk toast into a massive muscle man by his twisted neighbor,
  • "Another One Down" Nick finds a new victim for his forced muscle growth and domination,
  • And 2 more stories about forced muscle growth and obsession.

Paperback edition:
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Kindle edition:
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PDF edition:
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Coming in 2012

The Muscle Men.
By Falseyedee based on an idea by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A gripping tale of pirates, mad scientists and muscle!

Set in the early 1900's, the novel tells the story of an American scientist who sets up his laboratory on a South Seas island to develop his process for making the perfect man. Double crossed by his native assistant, his son is kidnapped by pirates and terrorized by a brutish muscle man who has escaped from the lab.

Who can save his son?
His assistant, the wily Dr. von Horn?
One of his own Herculean experimental muscle men?
Or someone else?

This exciting page turner will entertain and shock you. It is a story of adventure, muscles, love, and lust on a jungle island.

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